The Trustees, staff and parents at All Saints Marsh Church of England Academy place great emphasis on high standards. Our drive to realising these standards encompasses all aspects of Academy life; teaching & learning; relationships; behaviour and dress code, etc. Wearing of the correct Academy uniform is essential. The support of parents is very important in this.  It is very important that all clothing is clearly labelled.

Boys Uniform

Girls Uniform

●     Grey/black  trousers

●     White Polo shirt

●     Blue Academy sweatshirts - available online £9.75

●     Grey socks

●     Black shoes

●     White PE T Shirt - available online £5.85

●     Book bag (optional) - available online £5.25

●     Grey skirt or pinafore dress

●     White polo shirt

●     Blue Academy sweatshirt / cardigan  - available online £9.75 / £10.95

●     White socks

●     Grey Tights

●     Black shoes

●     Blue gingham dresses for the summer.

●     Grey/black trousers may be worn in the winter.

●     White PE T Shirt - available online £5.85

●     Book bag (optional) - available online £5.25



    From September 2017, our uniform with the new academy logo will be supplied to us via Price and Buckland   http://www.pbuniformonline.com/. Currently only items with the academy log on are available online. For more information how to order uniform please click here