Our School

'I came that they may have life and have it to the full' John 10


Our Vision and Principles


Vision: To Transform Children’s Lives.

Core Purpose: To develop, a ‘values led’ family of exceptional schools that always put children first. Where learners excel and communities are enriched so that the life chances of more and more children are improved.


Core Values: 'Collectively Empowering Excellence'

Excellence:We champion excellence and equality for all and in all that we do.

Empowering:We invest in each other and our communities.

Collectively: We are all one team and agree to work as one family.


LAP Principles of Excellence

  1. Priority,Children First: In every action we take and decision that we make. For our children, we collectively empower excellence.
  2. Aspirational Expectations: A culture where every child will succeed.
  3. Excellence in Teaching and Learning: Excellent, passionate staff transform children’s lives. For our children, we collectively empower excellence.
  4. Professional Development- Investing in People: A commitment to world class, bespoke, continuing professional development. For our staff, we collectively empower excellence.
  5. Distinctiveness: We embrace, encourage and celebrate the uniqueness of each of our schools, recognising the context of the community that it serves and the curriculum that it offers to meet those needs. For our communities, we collectively empower excellence.
  6. Leadership with Vision and Efficacy: Working together, we deliver and achieve much more than we could ever do individually. Collective expertise, shared responsibility, accountability and financial efficiencies, add value and improve outcomes for children.For our Leaders, we collectively empower excellence.


All Saints Marsh is a Church of England Academy. It means we maintain our Christian values and relate a child's spiritual development to the Christian faith. However we very much welcome children of other faiths, and respect their views equally.

The School was originally a Church, which has been remodelled. Our school is open to all children between the ages of 4 and 11, who wish to benefit from a wide range of activities designed to deliver the Foundation Stage and National Curriculum.

Our school is very much a village school in a town setting. We are a small school with a maximum number of 120 pupils, with a reputation for a friendly and caring community. All Governors and Staff are dedicated to the development of your child.

Changes to the school buildings and a limit on the number of pupils in school means we have five classrooms all with Interactive Whiteboards, a library area and an additional teaching room which also houses resources.
The playground has been completely updated to provide a range of high quality climbing and play equipment and resources on a colourful safety surface. Tubs of plants with a covered seating area and Foundation Stage play zone complete the picture.

The playground is completely enclosed and entry to the school is through one controlled entrance, in St John's Street.

Parents are encouraged to help in school through a wide range of activities and the school has a Friends of All Saints Association, who meet regularly and fund raise for many important issues. Parents are also represented on the Board of Governors. The school encourages a range of school clubs to support ICT, the Arts and Sports activities.