Whilst we do allow the taking of photographs and videos in school at the moment, it is only under the absolute assurance that these photos do not appear on any social networking sites if they include images of children other than your own, however distant / blurred they maybe.  Thank you.


As a school we have always tried to help you by completing requests free of charge.  If you need us to do this (and they must come via the Headteacher please even if another member of staff has been asked to complete the form) please do give us plenty of time, and please do not ask us to fill in passports if you are considering taking your children out of school in term time.  The staff have been directed not to complete them in this case for obvious reasons!



All of our after school sports clubs are ran by Premier Sport. For course information and booking details, please visit If you need to get hold of Premier Sport after school hours, please contact Mr Hudson on 07595 222428. 



If you would like to receive your newsletter and other appropriate letters electronically, please e-mail the school admin e-mail address with your name and your child's name and class -


Class Newsletters

Current Class Newsletters can be found below..... If you would like to look at previous copies, please click on the class name. 


Forde  12.10.18                  
Bradley  12.10.18                  
Courtenay  12.10.18                  
Templar  12.10.18                  



Change of menu Tuesday 16th October

Operation Christmas Child Thursday 11th October

Flu Vaccination 9th October 

Panto letter and SOE3 form Wednesday 12th December

Facebook page letter Monday 8th October

Harvest Festival Thursday 11th October 

Parent Ambassador letter and form Wednesday 3rd October

Pupil Premium letter 

Templar Coding workshop Monday 1st October

Space Day menu Thursday 4th October

Tapestry  for EYFS

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon 27th September

NSPCC visited Monday 17th September

Change of menu Tuesday 18th September

NSPCC visit Monday 17th September

Roald Dahl Day Thursday 13th September