RWInc - click here for the parents' page for our new phonics, reading, writing and grammar programme. 

Maths home learning activities - please log on here with your username and password.  School code is asmp.

Help sheet for parents/carers supporting their children with using the VLE.

Want to do more cooking at home?  Whether you are a keen cook or you've never cooked before, visit  There you'll find everything you need to make healthy family meals from scratch at home.

Click here for the link to the ISS website - these are the people who provide our delicious school lunches everyday! 

Useful information from the NHS about measles and the MMR vaccination - click here.

Our local church, St Paul's - click here for the website with service times etc.


 BBC site - Most often used site across the school for children in curriculum areas e.g. Numeracy, English, Science and Spanish!

Children's Centre at Newton Abbot - An up to date information for families with children under five - including the programme of events.

Cool math 4 kids - A good American website (hence math) with lots of fun games to use for practising maths skills.

DCC school closure website for parents/carers - Up to date information about any school closures during bad weather.

DISC - Devon's Family Information Service - DISC is the Family Information Service (FIS) for Devon and holds a wide range of information about children's services and registered childcare including Childminders, Creche, Holiday Schemes, Nurseries, Out of School Clubs, Pre-schools/Playgroups and non-registered Parent and Toddler Groups.

DISC plus - Devon's special needs family information service

Global Gang - Find out about what it's like to live in another country!  Mrs R-J talked about this in assembly during Christian Aid week.

Headlice information - A useful leaflet to help deal with the ever present issue of head lice!

The national parents' campaign to beat headlice - If you find lice, don’t worry or be embarrassed. Head lice are a normal part of childhood – nearly 1 in 10 primary school children in the UK have head lice at any one time.

If you're a parent you probably know what a hassle it is to treat head lice and just how frustrating it can be when your child comes home scratching their head yet again.

Lecky's colouring game - Paint the picture choosing colours to match the example.  When you have coloured all the pictures, you can print a certificate with your name on.  (Crickweb)

National Family Mediation - National Family Mediation is currently delivering family mediation across England and Wales and has recently opened a new service in Exeter.  Appointments can be arranged throughout Devon on an outreach basis.

Phonics play! - A brilliant site for supporting your child with reading and spelling - great for Forde and Bradley class!

Registering for Free School Meals on line

Snapdragon - If the two cards match, click SNAP.  A nice simple game to practise matching pictures.  (BBC Wales)  

Spot the difference - reading game - Look carefully at the pictures and click on the differences in the photo on the right hand side.  There are three differences in each picture.

Text Type - Would you like to help your child use the keyboard more efficiently?  This free website is a brilliant resource for children - and it will really speed up anyone's typing!


The Giving Machine - TheGivingMachine™ is a new way to support your favourite UK charities and schools.

Purchases you make via TheGivingMachine™ trigger retailer donations to your good causes. It costs you nothing !

You shop, they give ...
It really is as simple as that