RWInc - click here for the parents' page for our new phonics, reading, writing and grammar programme. 

Maths home learning activities - please log on here with your username and password.  School code is asmp.

Help sheet for parents/carers supporting their children with using the VLE.


Click here for the link to the ISS website - these are the people who provide our delicious school lunches everyday! 

Useful information from the NHS about measles and the MMR vaccination - click here.

Our local church, St Paul's - click here for the website with service times etc.


 BBC site - Most often used site across the school for children in curriculum areas e.g. Numeracy, English, Science and Spanish!

Cool math 4 kids - A good American website (hence math) with lots of fun games to use for practising maths skills.

DCC school closure website for parents/carers - Up to date information about any school closures during bad weather.

DISC - Devon's Family Information Service - DISC is the Family Information Service (FIS) for Devon and holds a wide range of information about children's services and registered childcare including Childminders, Creche, Holiday Schemes, Nurseries, Out of School Clubs, Pre-schools/Playgroups and non-registered Parent and Toddler Groups.

DISC plus - Devon's special needs family information service.

Headlice information - A useful leaflet to help deal with the ever present issue of head lice!

The national parents' campaign to beat headlice - If you find lice, don’t worry or be embarrassed. Head lice are a normal part of childhood – nearly 1 in 10 primary school children in the UK have head lice at any one time.

If you're a parent you probably know what a hassle it is to treat head lice and just how frustrating it can be when your child comes home scratching their head yet again.

Lecky's colouring game - Paint the picture choosing colours to match the example.  When you have coloured all the pictures, you can print a certificate with your name on.  (Crickweb)

National Family Mediation - National Family Mediation is currently delivering family mediation across England and Wales and has recently opened a new service in Exeter.  Appointments can be arranged throughout Devon on an outreach basis.

Phonics play! - A brilliant site for supporting your child with reading and spelling - great for Forde and Bradley class!

Registering for Free School Meals on line

Snapdragon - If the two cards match, click SNAP.  A nice simple game to practise matching pictures.  (BBC Wales)  


Text Type - Would you like to help your child use the keyboard more efficiently?  This free website is a brilliant resource for children - and it will really speed up anyone's typing!


The Giving Machine - TheGivingMachine™ is a new way to support your favourite UK charities and schools.

Purchases you make via TheGivingMachine™ trigger retailer donations to your good causes. It costs you nothing !

You shop, they give ...
It really is as simple as that