Online Safety Week 2016

Every term across the Learning Academy Partnership we hold an Online Safety Week. This term we focussed on online gaming. On Tuesday 9th Feb we also celebrated Safer Internet Day, under the slogan ‘Play Your Part for a Better Internet’. You can go to http://www.saferinternet.org.uk/safer-internet-day/2016 to find out more about what happened that day!

As always, we tailor our Online Safety Weeks to our children’s needs, and this term we have been responding to a familiar picture across all our schools and communities- an increased risk from online gaming through a proliferation of new online gaming platforms, increasingly realistic and graphic games as well as the risks posed by supplementary material (for example a FIFA game might have an age appropriate rating, but accompanying YouTube podcasts would not be age appropriate.) 

During Online Safety week our children explored lots of online safety issues-  for example, what constitutes offensive/ age inappropriate game content? What should they do if they come across something in a game that makes them feel uncomfortable? They explored the risks involved when children communicate online with other gamers (through headsets, messaging or via YouTube podcasts), and whether they can trust those they communicate with. 

As parents you can support your child in staying safe online by having a quick look at some of these resources listed below. These websites have comprehensive information for parents and children as well as top tips and contact details should you have concerns or need further information.  




http://www.pegi.info/en/index/  (this is the international film and games rating site – it explains the rationale and ratings bands for films and games). 

Don’t forget, you can also talk to our Safeguarding Lead Mrs Quick if you have any queries or concerns, or simply would like further information on helping you and your family stay safe online.